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Strengthening Families & Building Community

While Beach House Family Shelter is always open and staffed around the clock, Leading Families Home is much more than a family shelter. We also provide many programs to help struggling families begin their journey back to permanent housing and economic stability.

Our Programs

Leading Families Home offers a seamless, comprehensive spectrum of quality programs:

Rapid Rehousing (RRH)
Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)
Family Advocate Assistance (FAA)
Employment Assistance
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Ohio Project
Leading Veterans Home

Rapid Rehousing (RRH)

Supportive services that enable homeless families and individuals to rapidly obtain safe, affordable housing, increased income, and other resources to sustain long-term housing independently. Service timelines range from 2 to 12 months, depending on household needs.

Rapid Rehousing (RRH) Really Makes a Difference

When Creyona needed help for herself and her family, she found Rapid Rehousing (RRH) through Leading Families Home.

Meet Creyona

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

Supportive and housing services for homeless singles and families whereas at least one individual is diagnosed with a long-term disability. Participants exit when they are able to maintain housing stability independently. 

Meet Kareem & Starlishia

Kareem, Starlishia, and their 5 children entered our PSH program when they could no longer afford a home in Saginaw, Michigan. Through PSH, Starlishia found a job. After only 90 days of employment, she earned too much income to stay in the program. Today, Kareem, Starlishia, and their family live independently in the home they moved into when they left PSH.

Find more stories like Kareem and Starlishia’s when you view the impact of our programs.

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Family Advocate Assistance (FAA)

FAA provides support to homeless families through education, mediation, and direct assistance. FAA is excellent for families with children who suffer from disabilities, substance abuse, mental illness, or emotional disorders.

Family Advocate Assistance (FAA) Helps Those Experiencing Homelessness

Joseph took full advantage of Family Advocate Assistance, along with other programs, and earned $1,600 per month at shelter exit.

Meet Joseph & His Daughter

Employment Solutions

Improvement in income is a critical component of our time-sensitive housing programs and the long-term housing stability of those we serve. Our Employment Solutions program provides the opportunity for unemployed program participants to work one on one with our employment specialist to gain and maintain employment. Our work-readiness based program supports individuals and families through counseling, vocational training, education, work referrals, and a variety of other resources that impact employment.

Meet Angela

When Angela entered LFH, she and her son had nowhere else to turn. They participated in a time-sensitive housing program, making employment critical for Angela. For employment support, she entered our Employment Solutions program and enrolled in STNA classes. Presently, Angela maintains their home and full-time employment independently. 

So many families are transformed by our programs; read their stories when you view our impact.

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Ohio Project

Our SSI Ohio Project specialist helps people successfully apply for SSI/SSDI and other benefits using the SOAR methodology.

Learn More About Those Who Benefit from Our Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program

Cathy wanted to live independently, and when she found the SSI Ohio Project, she finally could.

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Veteran in


Veteran Households in Permanent Supportive Housing

  • 2 Families with Children
  • 1 Two-Adult Household

Veterans in Supplemental Security Income

  • 3 Vets Awarded SSI
  • 4 Received HUD VASH

Veteran Households Served at Beach House Family Shelter

  • 4 Single Vets
  • 2 Families with Children
  • 1 Two-Adult Household

Leading Veterans Home

LFH is proud to support our veterans. In 2016, 16 veterans were served in our programs:

Meet Josh & His Family

Becoming homeless changes everything. When Josh, Morgan, and their baby, David, lost their home, they turned to us to keep their family together. Josh, a veteran, gained full-time employment within 3 months. Soon afterwards, they received housing through the Ann Arbor Veterans Administration. Today, Josh, Morgan, and David enjoy a stable home and Josh continues to work full time.

Interested to read more stories like Josh’s? You can find more as you view the impact of our programs.

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“Being in Beach House means hope, for me, it means a great deal to have this house and employees to be so positive and helpful in my time of need.”

Pam, Former Resident